Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts is an Authorized Goodyear Tire Dealer

Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts is an Authorized Goodyear Tire Dealer!

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Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts is an Authorized Goodyear Tire Dealer. Whether you are shopping for new tires or want to maximize the life of the tires on your vehicle, our auto and tire shop is your one stop shop.

Your vehicle’s tires work hard to keep you safe on the roads in Walled Lake. Each tire must have the right tread, tire pressure, alignment, and balance to grip the roads and keep you in control in any condition.

The next time you bring your vehicle in to our auto repair shop, ask our experienced technicians to check your tires. A tire inspection will make sure each tire has the appropriate pressure and check for warning signs of balance or alignment issues, like uneven wear and bald patches. If tread is below 2/32 of an inch, your tire needs to be replaced.

When it’s time for new tires, our auto and tire experts will help you select the right tire for your vehicle. Our shop offers Goodyear tires, Dunlop tires, Kelly tires, and many other brands of tires. Our auto technicians will help you navigate the choices of tires and the manufacturer recommendations for your vehicle to find the right tires for your family.

Goodyear Tire Dealer Walled Lake
Dunlop Tire Dealer Walled Lake
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Buying the right tire is only the first step. Proper maintenance will help you maximize the life of your tires!

Instead of driving on bald tires to save money (which is extremely dangerous), taking care of your tires from the beginning will help you get the maximum life and performance from your tires.

Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts uses top-of-the-line equipment to install and maintain your vehicle’s tires. With a no-touch tire machine, our certified technicians can work on any wheel without damage. A laser alignment system ensures perfect alignments. Combined with tire balance, this ensures that your tires wear evenly and hit the road in precise alignment for better performance and longer life.

Our auto repair shop offers a 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty on parts and labor for all repairs. We also offer Road Hazard insurance for your new tires. To learn more, purchase tires, or schedule your tire service, call Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts at 248-668-1200 or request an appointment online.