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The Importance of a Radiator Flush

Posted January 2, 2022

Your vehicle’s radiator holds water and antifreeze in a large reservoir to help keep the engine cool when it’s running. It also keeps your engine from freezing when it is parked on cold winter days.

In order to maintain its functionality, your radiator will occasionally need to be flushed.

Topping off your old antifreeze is not a best practice if you want a reliable automobile. Flushing your coolant is the only way to maintain that system, remove dirt and corrosion, and know that this system is performing as intended.

There are five significant benefits of a radiator flush:

  1. Rust Protection – The new replacement antifreeze will have additives that prevent rust and build up. An anti-foaming agent will keep it operating efficiently.
  2. Inspection – During the flush, the technician at Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts will perform a complete inspection of your cooling system. A pressure test checks for leaks, and visual inspection of hoses and fittings are performed.
  3. Contaminant Removal – During a flush, 4-5 gallons of antifreeze pushes or flushes all of the old antifreeze and contaminants out of the system. Particles that build up over time are removed. Draining will only remove 50% of the old antifreeze, and contaminants are left inside your engine.
  4. Removes Rust – Scale and rust will build up over time in your engine. The flush will push out these deposits that can cause poor efficiency and overheating.
  5. Water Pump Lubrication – Your coolant will have additives that lubricate the moving parts in your cooling system. This is necessary to extend the life of your water pump and system.

Most manufacturers recommend a coolant flush at 30,000 miles, but can vary brand to brand. Ask a trained automotive technician every spring and fall if it is time for your vehicle, so you are not left stranded.

If you smell a hot maple-syrup-like odor, see visible scaling or rust in your coolant, puddles of coolant under your vehicle, or your temperature gauge is fluctuating, get it in to Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts to diagnose. In most cases a flush and replacement of your coolant will have you back on the roads of Walled Lake in no time at all.

Request an appointment online or call our auto repair shop in Walled Lake at (248) 668-1200.

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