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How To Keep A Car Cool In The Summer

Posted June 14, 2017

There are not many things worse than a hot, stuffy car in the summer while driving around Michigan. While most people enjoy being outdoors during summer months, the heat and sun can make summer driving be like traveling in an oven. Thankfully, there are things you can do to keep your car cool during summer. The following are simple tips that can help you keep your car cooler on hot, humid summer days.

Car Window Shades

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car windows hold in heat and sunlight, essentially turning your car into a small greenhouse. Reducing the heat that comes through the windows is the easiest way to keep your car cool. Using sun shades or having tinted windows in your car will cut down on the direct rays from the sun. However, be sure to be aware of your state’s laws on window tint in vehicles. Used covered parking when you can, and leave your windows slightly cracked when parked to create airflow.

Cooling Your Car Seat

Scorching seats can cause discomfort or even moderate burns when you sit on them. If possible, avoid leather seats or put seat covers in your car during warm months. If your budget permits, you could also look at investing in air-conditioned seats for your car. Furthermore, cooling gel covers or pads for car seats can be purchased online.

Car Air Conditioning

Keep your car’s AC system functioning correctly and efficiently is imperative to staying cool in the summer. To ensure your car cools as quickly as possible, turn your air on full blast as soon as you start your car and open all your windows just a little. This will help push the hot air up and out the windows. Once at your desired temperature, use your car’s recirculating feature together with the air conditioning to maintain the coldest air.  If your AC system is pumping out less than cold air, take it to a reputable auto repair shop to have it serviced and inspected.

While you can’t change the weather (nor do you probably want to), you can take measures to ensure that your summer driving is more comfortable and pleasant for everyone in your car. Ask the experts at Kenny’s for other tips to keep you and your vehicle cool this summer!

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