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7 Ways To Improve Gas Mileage

Posted August 9, 2017

Summer time is often a time when people either go on long summer vacations in their cars or head to the outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather and the outdoor adventures it provides. It also happens to be one of the most difficult times for car owners.

Here are 7 tips to help you earn better gas mileage with your car this summer.

#1) When you have your oil changed, make sure to have your air filter inspected as well. A dirty filter can cost your vehicle up to 10% less fuel efficiency.

#2) Check your tire pressure regularly. Keeping your tires at the manufacturer suggested tire pressure can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 3.3%.

#3) If you are driving a significant amount on the highway, keep your windows rolled-up. With them down, this creates a drag and pull on your car and can decrease fuel effiency by as much as 10%.

#4) Keep your speed steady and slow down on highway driving. When you drive your vehicle at 60mph vs. 70mph, you can save as much as 4 gallons of fuel over the length of an average summer trip.

#5) Keep the load you are carrying as low as possible. Decreasing the load your are carrying in your car by just 100 pounds can increase fuel efficiency by 1-2%.

#6) Use cruise control when possible. Especially when driving on the highway and on the open road cruise control help you maintain a constant speed, avoiding any sudden acceleration or deceleration of your vehicle.

#7) Keep your tires rotated. By rotating your tires regularly, you keep the tires wearing evenly which helps with overall fuel economy.

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