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Icy Roads & Curb Slips

Posted January 23, 2017

Winters roads in Walled Lake are often slippery with fresh snow and ice. When temperatures swing from freezing up to moderate and back again, moisture on the roads can turn to slick patches of black ice. Drivers can quickly slide out of control and into the curb on an unanticipated ice patch.

Hitting the curb doesn’t always have immediate consequences, but the unseen damage can be extensive. If you’ve hit a curb, bring your vehicle to Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts for an inspection. Damage from curb hits can include:

Tire damage. The force of a curb hit can cause extreme wear or even puncture a tire. A dent in the wheel or rim can further damage the tire. A curb hit may result in a flat tire, but the more dangerous threat is unseen tire damage. Thin and worn patches can cause a blow out later on the roads, putting your vehicle and passengers in a risky situation.

Suspension Damage. A quick jar from a curb hit can throw off the suspension of your tires and wheels. Tie rods, which connect the steering system to the wheels, can break under the force of a curb hit. The suspension system is designed to help your car travel smoothly on uneven roads. Damage to this system can affect the comfort of your vehicle and even your ability to steer your vehicle.

Alignment Damage. Hitting a curb or a pothole often places a lot of force on a single tire. The force of a hit, even if you are driving slowly, can pull the wheel out of alignment. This leads to uneven tire wear, damage to the steering, and costly repairs. If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side as you drive in a straight line, bring it into Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts for an alignment inspection.

Hitting a curb, even at low speeds, can lead to tire damage, alignment issues, and suspension damage. If you hit a curb in Walled Lake, stop by our auto repair shop for an inspection. Our experienced technicians will check your tires, wheels, rims, and steering system to diagnose any symptoms and ensure no further damage occurs from unaddressed issues. Stop by our independent auto shop in Walled Lake or request an appointment online.

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