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Dead Battery on Cold Mornings

Posted December 22, 2015

On cold winter mornings, the last thing you want to deal with is a car that won’t start.

Even though summer heat is usually attributed to damaging car batteries, winter is the time when these issues are most noticeable. Whether it’s evaporated battery fluid, corrosion, or internal damage, a worn battery cannot produce the chemical reaction that is needed to start your car when it is cold outside.

Before the worst winter weather hits Walled Lake, make sure to have your battery tested. Stop by Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts – our ASE Certified technicians will inspect your battery for visible damage and perform tests to measure the battery’s ability to generate and hold a charge.

If we notice any problems with your battery, our dedicated car care advisors will help you understand the results of the test and what it means for your battery. If it holds too low of a charge, your battery won’t be able to generate enough power to start your vehicle on cold winter mornings.

In addition, it can be a good idea to have your starting and charging systems inspected. If the vehicle is trying to charge the battery too quickly or past its limit, it may cause problems. Similarly, if the vehicle is unable to recharge the battery when its power is used, you’ll be stuck with a dead battery and a car that won’t start.

The alternator is another key component. This piece is responsible from getting the charge from the battery in the right place to start the engine, then switch back to charge the battery while your car is running smoothly. If your battery is not charging appropriately, the alternator may be the culprit.

Before the winter sets in, stop by Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts for a vehicle inspection. Our technicians will check your battery, test the levels, and inspect the charging and starting systems. We’ll remove any corrosion that has built up to reduce problems with your car battery and let you know when it is time to consider a new battery.

To schedule your next appointment or for more information about your car battery, call our certified technicians: (248) 668-1200.

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