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Timing Belts – Keeping Your Engine in Sync

Posted November 28, 2018

While often overlooked, timing belts (AKA a ‘timing chains’ or ‘cambelts’) are actually incredibly important to the functionality of your engine. Timing belts are responsible for synchronizing your engine’s valves during the cylinders’ and exhaust ports’ conduction. Everything must be in sync for combustion to occur and make forward propulsion

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Be Prepared for Winter

Posted October 23, 2018

An emergency is, by definition, unexpected. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you’ll need to make immediate decisions and actions. Winter conditions cause more emergencies on the roads in Walled Lake. Keeping an emergency kit in your vehicle during the winter months will help you be prepared for

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Check Your Antifreeze Before Winter

Posted September 19, 2018

As temperatures are dropping across Michigan, it’s clear fall has arrived… with winter not far behind! Before the cold weather hits, make sure your vehicle is up for the challenge by checking your vehicle’s antifreeze. Antifreeze plays a critical role in your engine. It makes sure the fluids in your

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Five Reasons for Steering Wheel Shakes

Posted August 28, 2018

On good road surfaces, cars are meant to drive smooth and steady. However, most people have experienced steering wheel vibrations at one time or another. Car parts can break or fail after continued use, and it’s not uncommon for car components to need to be replaced. Because your steering wheel

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Brake Failure Warning Signs

Posted July 19, 2018

One of the worst scenarios that can happen to a vehicle driver is that while you are driving on a winding road, either a side street or on an interstate highway, and you really need your brakes and they all-of-a-sudden fail. To help you avoid this perilous situation, here are

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Preventative Maintenance – Important to your Vehicle’s Health!

Posted June 22, 2018

Almost everyone is trying to save money these days. But avoiding having maintenance performed on your vehicle, especially when there are signs of a problem, can be a costly mistake! Many of the extensive car repairs that our experienced technicians perform could have been avoided! We see many cars that

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What to do if your Vehicle is Overheating

Posted May 24, 2018

An overheating engine can be one of the most stressful roadside emergencies a driver will experience. What should you do if your vehicle starts overheating? Watch for warning signs. If the temperature gauge starts rising rapidly, pull over. If steam (often looks like smoke) starts coming out from under the

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Spring Maintenance for Your Vehicle

Posted April 18, 2018

As seasons change and temperatures swing, now is the perfect time to review the Spring maintenance requirements for your vehicle. Different seasons put different demands on your vehicle. Now that winter is coming to an end, it is time to prepare for spring conditions and road trips! April showers bring

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Gas Saving Tips for Instant Savings

Posted March 23, 2018

According to a recent article in the Detroit News, gas prices in Michigan have been on the rise as of late. While there’s not much we can do stop gas prices from increasing, there’s plenty we can do to make our cars more fuel efficient. Here are a few engine

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Hidden Danger: Road Salt

Posted February 23, 2018

Slick, icy roads in Walled Lake make it challenging to steer and stop on winter roads. As the snow plows remove freshly fallen drifts from the road, they can leave behind the hidden layer of black ice. This is why many of our roads are also treated with road salt.

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