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Check Your Headlights

Posted September 24, 2019

In addition to offering drivers no shortage of challenges when it comes to weather-related conditions, the seasons known as FALL and WINTER also make general visibility tough by greatly increasing the amount of darkness Michiganders are forced to deal with. Once Daylight Savings ends, night seems to come immediately at

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Maintenance Warning Signs

Posted August 15, 2019

Every time you bring your vehicle into Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts, our certified technicians perform a thorough inspection of the key components of your vehicle. But rather than wait for your next visit, you can help catch warning signs early and prevent further damage by performing a quick visual

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Cruise Control 101

Posted July 17, 2019

We are all familiar with cruise control, that setting on your steering wheel or dashboard that makes it easy to just set the speed you want to drive at and just monitor speed instead of actively using the pedal to adjust your speed. But how does Cruise Control actually help

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Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Summer

Posted June 19, 2019

Certain parts and systems of your vehicle take just a little more maintenance during the summer than what is normally required throughout the rest of the year. Your battery in particular can be affected as fluid inside the battery can evaporate, eventually causing it to stop working altogether. It’s important

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Coolant System Flushes – Are The Necessary?

Posted May 17, 2019

During the late-spring and summer months here in Oakland County, the overheating of vehicles causes many breakdowns and engine damage. Many drivers come into our shop at this time of year following breakdowns caused by cooling system failures. Here are some facts about cooling systems – what they are and

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The Importance of Proper Tire Inflation

Posted April 18, 2019

What supports the weight of your vehicle? If you answered your tires, you are wrong. It’s the air pressure inside the tires that supports the weight, making proper tire inflation of paramount importance to safe driving. The correct tire pressure can help you save money on fuel because over- or

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Exhaust System Maintenance

Posted March 22, 2019

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is one of those things you don’t notice… until you do. Maybe you’ll smell leaking fluids. Or hear loud clicking and noises from the engine. Or see a billowing cloud of grey or green smoke lingering behind you on the road. When everything is working properly,

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Watch Out For Curb Damage

Posted February 11, 2019

As we head towards March here in Oakland County, the end of winter is finally in sight. Before we make it to spring however, we still have some wintry weather conditions to deal with, some of which can lead to problems for your vehicle. With icy roads abounding throughout the

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Tire Rotation 101

Posted January 18, 2019

No matter what make or model your vehicle might be, it needs to be equipped with healthy tires in order to perform effectively. As such, keeping your tires in good shape should be a big part of your vehicle’s maintenance plan and having your tires rotated regularly should be a

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Improve Your Gas Mileage This Winter

Posted December 20, 2018

With short days and tall snowbanks, winter isn’t the favorite season for most Michiganders… While you’re trying to stay warm this winter, here are a few tips for maximizing your gas mileage and saving a few bucks at the tank you can put towards your summer travel fund: 1. The

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