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Best Road Trip Emergency Tools

Posted June 23, 2016

When an emergency happens on the road, will you be prepared? The best way you can be ready for any situation on the road is by carrying an emergency kit.

Before your next road trip, be sure to gather these tools to stay safe and prepared on the roads:

  1. Flashlight. If you’re stuck after dark, this can make a huge difference. Whether the power to accessories goes out or you need to look underneath the car or change a tire, make sure you have a flashlight to help you see.
  2. Batteries. Carry a couple spare batteries with the flashlight, just in case.
  3. Jumper Cable. Should the battery in your car fail unexpectedly, having a set of jumper cables can get you back on the road quickly. Knowing how to jump start a vehicle will help you get your car running again so you can make it to a repair shop for an inspection. A jump start will not fix your battery – always bring your vehicle into Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts for an inspection when your battery dies.
  4. Traffic Triangles. If you get stuck on a busy street, it’s important to remain visible to oncoming traffic. Traffic triangles are also reflective to improve visibility at night.
  5. Spare tire. When was the last time you checked your spare tire? Take it out of the trunk to check for visible wear and test the tire pressure. Make sure the tire is in good condition so you can use it if you get a flat tire on the road.
  6. Phone charger. Make sure you can call for help when you need it. You can pick up an adapter to charge your phone from your car. Grab some spare change too, in case you need to rely on a pay phone.
  7. Emergency contacts. Keep the contact information for a towing company, your insurance, and our shop – (248) 668-1200 – written on a piece of paper with your vehicle’s manual in the glove box. That way you and your passengers have the information you need to call for help.

What else do you keep in your emergency kit? Let us know by leaving a comment on the Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts Facebook Page.

The team of experienced and certified technicians at Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts are committed to keeping your family safe every time you drive your vehicle. If you have any concerns about your car this summer, stop by our independent auto repair shop on Walled Lake for a vehicle inspection.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to take care of your vehicle. Our technicians will help you understand the condition of your vehicle, recommend needed services, and answer any questions you may have with straightforward, easy to understand answers.

Request an appointment online or call our team of technicians at (248) 668-1200

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