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Auto Repair Tips: Beating the Summer Heat

Posted June 27, 2012

When we think about summer, we treasure the great memories of time spent with our friends and family, epic adventures, and perfect weather. With all the excitement, it’s easy to overlook that our cars need special care in summer just like they during the cold months. Here are a couple of hot weather tips to ensure your summer is spent making memories.
1. Check your tires. Your tires will lose an average or 1-1.5lbs of pressure per month. Combine that with the hot road and you have the potential for a nasty blowout. Plus, properly inflated tires can increase your fuel efficiency by up to 3%.
2. Check your coolant. If you haven’t done so recently, take your vehicle into an ASE Certified Technician at our Walled Lake Auto Repair Center to have your coolant system flushed. Be sure your radiator cap is securely tightly. A vehicle can overheat simply from the radiator cap not holding the correct pressure level. Once your mechanic has given your coolant system a clean bill of health, pack a backup gallon of 50% water to 50% coolant for long trips.
3. Change your oil. The increase in temperatures up the ante on your engine. Dry weather promotes dust which can create nasty engine sludge. This build up inhibits your oil’s ability to properly lubricate your engine and shortens its lifespan. Next time you’re driving around town, stop by your local oil change service location to see if you’re due for a change.
4. Keep an eye on your battery. As temperatures rise, a battery’s strength decreases. Heat causes water to evaporate out of the battery fluid and breaks down the battery grids. Visually inspect your battery. Is the battery case bulging, cracked or leaking? Is there corrosion on the battery connections? If you answered yes, take your battery to Mufflers and More to have it tested. It’s better to do it now then lament about the battery failure when you’re stranded on the side of the road.
5. Check your Air Conditioning. When you’re driving at more than 55mph, the aerodynamic drag caused by the opened windows is less fuel efficient than turning on the A/C. Plus, nothing is worse than being stuck in traffic with without any way to cool down. If you A/C is weak, get it charged. You’re investing the same amount of fuel to utilize wonderfully refreshing cool blast as you are for a weak breeze. If you Air Conditioning is blowing warm air, there is a leak in the system. Your Walled Lake auto repair technician will find the source of your leak using a fluorescent dye and have you back to driving in comfort in no time.
6. Park in the shade or use Sunshade. In addition to saving you from climbing into a roasting oven, it’ll do good by your car. Dashboards will crack and fade from excessive exposure to sun and heat. Plus, no one enjoys grabbing a searing hot steering wheel. If your interior could bake a cake, wait a minute before getting in. Instead, crack the windows and turn on your fan to high. This will push the hot air out of your car and prep it for cool, refreshing A/C when you’re ready to hit the road.
Follow these simple steps and you’ll be having a great summer. Remember, you want to show off your tan, not your seat belt clasp burn!

If you have any other concerns you can check out more of our blogs here. You can also stop by or give us a call at (248) 668-1200.

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