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Tech Tips: Wiper Blade Maintenance

Wiper blades are fundamental for safe driving around Michigan.  Efficient wiper blades are as important as good tires and clean oil for your vehicle’s safe operation, yet are often overlooked until there is a problem. A few simple steps will help you extend the life of your wiper blades, and keep money in your pockets. […]

The Benefits of Carpooling this School Year

Back-to-school season has officially begun in Walled Lake. This time of year, parents have to balance multiple schedules, pick-ups, and drop-offs to make sure everyone in the family gets where they need to be, when they need to be there. As your family manages school, practices, extracurricular activities, and work schedules, coordinating the driving can quickly […]

Reduce the Risk of a Flat Tire

The last thing you want to deal with on the roads in Walled Lake is a flat tire. To avoid the stress of changing a tire on the road and the expense of replacing your tires, follow these five steps to reduce the risk of a flat tire and maximize the life of your tires. Check […]

Best Road Trip Emergency Tools

When an emergency happens on the road, will you be prepared? The best way you can be ready for any situation on the road is by carrying an emergency kit. Before your next road trip, be sure to gather these tools to stay safe and prepared on the roads: Flashlight. If you’re stuck after dark, […]

The Importance of an Inspection

Having an inspection can seem like you’re asking for trouble. But this simple step is critical to making decisions about the best care for your vehicle. Which is why we’re dedicating this month’s blog to one car care myth, and bringing you the truth you need to know! MYTH: Repair shops recommend things you don’t need. […]

Two Reasons a Timing Belt Fails

If a vehicle’s timing belt fails, it usually leave the driver stranded on the side of a road needing a tow.  A broken timing belt may also mean thousands of dollars in engine damage and repair bills! Why do timing belts break? There are two common causes for timing belt failure: Age / MilesThe timing […]

Lurking Danger on the Roads… Potholes!

They’re out there. Lurking in dark shadows, in puddles, lining every street. Potholes season is here, and it means real danger for your car. Hitting a potholes means more than just a hard jolt. They can cause flat tires, bend wheels, and break suspension components! All of these things can lead to decreased gas mileage […]

Hidden Danger of Road Salt

Slick icy roads in Walled Lake make it challenging to steer and stop on winter roads. As the snow plows remove freshly fallen drifts from the road, they can leave behind the hidden layer of black ice. Which is why many of our roads are also treated with road salt. The salt sprinkled over winter roads […]

Brake Inspections – What You Need to Know

When your brakes start screeching every time you stop, you know it’s time for a brake service. But how can you know if it’s a routine brake pad replacement or if there’s a bigger issue under the surface? The answer: a brake inspection. Your vehicle’s brakes are not just one piece, but rather a brake […]

Dead Battery on Cold Mornings

On cold winter mornings, the last thing you want to deal with is a car that won’t start. Even though summer heat is usually attributed to damaging car batteries, winter is the time when these issues are most noticeable. Whether it’s evaporated battery fluid, corrosion, or internal damage, a worn battery cannot produce the chemical […]